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We warned you at the beginning of March that embellished, statement-making straps were a nascent trend, and now the world's biggest luxury brand has lent the look mulberry replica handbags its seal of approval. Louis Vuitton just launched a line of sold-separately Bandouliere Straps, and compared to brands of comparable caliber, they're actually cheap oakley sunglasses pretty well priced. Louis Vuitton's strap come in a handful of fabrications and start at $95 for monogram canvas with a contrasting solid color on the opposite side. The next most expensive option is chanel replica dual-tone Epi leather, which will set you back $56, and the line tops out with python at $90. For comparison, Fendi's straps start at $75 for leather and $150 for python, and Valentino's embroidered textile straps toms salg start around $100. While I will stop short of calling Vuitton's a "good deal," they certainly represent one of the better values in this burgeoning product category.


Hermes Bearn Gusset Wallet Orange
Orig. $958.00 Sale $220.00

Louis Vuitton Alma M91443
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Black UGG Handbags
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Prada Handbags 6096-1
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Fendi Medium 'Bag De Jour' Tote
Orig. $1,226.00 Sale $209.00
Fendi Small Leather Woven Flap Handbag
Orig. $1,281.00 Sale $218.00
Fendi Sweet Box Evening Handbag
Orig. $1,246.00 Sale $259.00

Louis Vuitton Brea MM M91455
Orig. $1,222.00 Sale $250.00

Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet M60017
Orig. $216.00 Sale $114.00